High Speed (TPHS) is formulated for any vehicle with pneumatic tyres which run on high speeds( normally greater than 60 kmph). Primarily for use in two wheelers, four wheelers, this formula will seal punctures up to 6mm in diameter in four wheelers and upto 3mm in diameter in two wheelers.
  • Seals punctures immediately

  • Provides permanent puncture protection

  • Safer and trouble-free drives

  • Protection against high speed blowouts and punctures

  • Maximum extension of your vehicle tyre

  • Greater fuel efficiency

  • Tyres that are in perfect running condition

  • Lesser need to discard tyres

  • Saving of money and time

  • Does not affect manufacturer’s or extended warranties on tyres


Heavy Duty/Industrial Grade (TPHD) – is formulated for any vehicle with pneumatic Tyres, tube or tubeless, high or low air pressure and used in highway speed vehicles or slow off road equipment Tyres. (Vehicle speed less than 50 kmph) This formula will seal wounds caused by puncturing objects up to 12mm in diameter. Tyre Protector is designed to bleed and slowly release air pressure, if the wound has damaged the inner structure and the Tyre has been rendered unsafe. Tyre Protector will not hide or mask a dangerous wound regardless of how small it may be.

  • Reduced downtime costs

  • Prevention of accidents

  • Increased fuel efficiency

  • Improved tyre life

  • Lowered cost of business

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • No irreparable damage to tyre caused by bearing vehicle weight even after puncture

An army marches on its stomach but its vehicles roll on their Tyres. Tyre Protector Tyre Sealant will provide that fail safe solution for the Army’s vehicles that will not only eliminate punctures but will result in a huge cost saving.

The benefits of Tyre Protector fits the bill for any vehicle user and for the Army where usage is extreme in both road conditions and climates, the need for Tyre Protector is even much higher. In places like Siachen, where temperature can dip to even -50 Degree Celsius and to the hottest of places like the Thar Desert, Tyre Protector provides protection to a vehicle’s tyre and reduces the risk of life associated to tyre failure during hostilities.

Tyre Protector Tyre Sealant was tested on Commercial Tyres. A video of that demonstration is included in the CD provided with this kit.

Tyre Protector has beeen trialled and used by (among others) forces of the UK, Scandinavia, Spain etc.

The advantages of Government Security and Military tyre prevention using Tyre Protector Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant are:

  • Reduction in down-time in logistic vehicles.

  • Limited protection from small arms fire and shrapnel.

  • Reduced punctures in remote areas thus decreasing the threat of immobility.

  • Improved availability in FIBUA.

  • Improved availability to first line combat supplies.

  • Greater efficiency for wheeled ambulances.

  • Extension to tyre life – damage from running on a flat tyre can be avoided.

  • Tyre Protector qualifies as non-toxic, non-hazardous air cargo.

  • Flexible use in a wide span of ambient temperature conditions.

  • In extreme circumstances, or ambush scenarios, vehicles chances of driving out of a situation will be improved dynamically.

Tyre Protector is an important aid to military and security operations, particularly for use in harsh conditions.
Using Tyre Protector is a “spend to save” measure even in peacetime and as a counter-terrorist measure.
The cost of equipping all tyres with Tyre Protector is recouped normally when ONE hole has been sealed.